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March 01, 2018

Triumphant Transformation To Democracy

ArticleBe ye transformed by the renewal
of your mind.
-The Bible
The future depends on what
we do in the present.
-Mahatma Gandhi
They conquer by strategy.
-Sun Tzu
Transformation means:
(1)    A complete change in somebody or something: e.g. The way in which we work has undergone a complete transformation in the past decade. What a transformation! You look great. The country’s transformation from dictatorship to democracy.
(2)     Used in South Africa to describe the process of making institutions and organizations more democratic: A lack of transformation in the private sector.
-Oxford Dictionary
Let us explore the ways how we can best transform Myanmar into a democratic nation as follows:
T    for    Transition Period
R    for    Reforms
A    for    Active People’s Participation
N    for    National Unity
S    for    Strategy
F    for    Focus On Democracy
O    for    Objectives
R    for    Rights & Responsibilities
M    for    Morality, Morale and Magnanimity
A    for    Accountability
T    for    Total Democracy Practices
I    for    Integrity
O    for    Onward March To Victory
N    for    National Renewal
Transition means : The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Myanmar is now in a transition from Military Dictatorship to Democracy. During the period of transition to democracy, many obstacles have to be overcome. We all have to be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount all difficulties to win victory. The most important thing in this transition period is genuine dedication to establishing democracy in Myanmar on the part of the  entire people including all the political, military, civilian forces, youths and students. All the stakeholders   have got to be passionately dedicated to the 3-F strategy of building a democratic nation. 3-F strategy means : The Strategy of Faith, Focus & Fight for Democracy in Myanmar. All the stakeholders must (have):
Faith in Democracy
Focus on Establishing Democracy
Fight for Democracy
with all their minds, with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their strengths.
In establishing democracy, the following reforms, inter alia, must be speedily carried out:
Political      Reforms
Economic      Reforms
Financial     Reforms
Legal     Reforms
Educational     Reforms
Socio-cultural     Reforms
Eco-environmental Reforms
All the reforms must be People-centered, Planet-oriented and Profit-focused. That is to say, the whole process of democratic transformation must be value-based and growth-driven for the sustainable development of Peace, Progress and Prosperity in Myanmar.
Democracy building and establishing a democratic nation is a historically very important strategic responsibility. For democracy to be broad-based and virtues-laden, the entire people must whole- heartedly participate in shaping and building democracy with all their minds, with all their souls and with all their strengths. The caliber of democracy will ultimately depend upon the caliber of the people, especially people at the vanguard of the democracy movement.
National means : Concerning the whole nation.
Unity means : The state of being in agreement and working together; the state of being joined together to form one unit : e.g. European unity; A plea for unity within the party; unity of purpose.
So, in cultivating and nurturing democracy, national unity, especially, the unity of all the national races and ethnic groups/communities is extremely important. The most practically important unity in Myanmar at present is the unity of all the armed groups and the military forces who can make or break the internal peace.
The goal being establishing democracy in Myanmar,  the main objective would be : Forming a National Unity Government of the People, by the People, for the People. So, the strategy should be:
The 3-F Strategy of :
Faith in Democracy
Focus on Establishing Democracy
Fight for Democracy
The broad masses of the people have, naturally, longed for the comprehensive and unobstructed prevalence of peace, progress and prosperity.
In the transition period, all the national policies and strategy must be:
Democracy    –    oriented
Democracy    –    centered
Democracy    –    focused
Democracy    –    driven
Democracy    –    responsive
Democracy    –    attentive
Democracy    –    caring
Democracy First policy should be adopted, practiced and consolidated.
In transforming into a democratic statehood, the following objectives should be aimed at:
Freedom, Sovereignty, Independence
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Human Rights, Justice & the Rule of Law
Economic Development & Modernization
Educational Modernization & All-round Advancement
Socio-cultural Refinement
Science & Technological Development & Modernization
National Defense Capabilities Development & Modernization
Eco-environment Protection and Rejuvenation
*    Freedom    *Abiding by the Laws
*    Civil Liberty    *National Unity & Peace
*    Equality under the Law *    National Defense
*    Fraternity    *    Plain Living & Hard Struggle
*    Human Rights    *    Diligence & Frugality
*    Justice & Fairness    *    Selflessness & Service
*    The Rule of Law    *    Simple Living & High  Thinking
*    Economic Pursuit    *    Peace, Progress & Prosperity
*     Educational Pursuit    *    Morality & Discipline
*    Socio-cultural Pursuit    *    Economic & Educational Development
*    Socio-environmental     *    Socio-cultural Advancement
In transforming into democracy, all the people of Myanmar, especially, those at the vanguard of the national democracy movement, must, by choice, uplift and solidify their mindsets in Morality, Morale and Magnanimity. All of us should cultivate and practice patience, tolerance, understanding, mutual   assistance, and peaceful coexistence.
In democracy, responsibility, transparency and accountability are very important. The  principle of “One for all and all for One” must always prevail. They should be no room for self-centeredness, selfishness and self-serving practices.
Total Democracy Practices mean:
Personal democratic practices
Interpersonal democratic practices
Managerial democratic practices
Organizational democratic practices
National democratic practices
In Total Democracy PRACTICES, Win-Win or Mutual Benefits principle should be practiced.
In transforming Myanmar into democracy, all of us should remember that honesty is the best policy.  If we can adopt and practice:
Love All
Serve  All
Hurt Never
Help Ever
It would be all the better for all of us.
In building democracy, it is important for all of us to remember to:
“ Keep on keeping on
No matter how hard the going may be”.
We must :
“Never give up, never give in;
Stand up to it, and fight it through”.
“Be ye transformed by the
Renewal of your mind.”
-The Bible
All of us should be transformed by the renewal of our minds!
All Ends Well That Ends Well.
Long Live democracy!


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