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June 06, 2018

Traffic resumes on An-Sittway road

Traffic resumes on An-Sittway road after a steel-frame bridge was erected within a day.

Traffic has resumed on An-Sittway road beginning 3 am yesterday, thanks to the steel-frame bridge erected within a day at the place between milepost 28/0 and 28/1 where downpours triggered a major landslide, according to No 16 special road building team.
“We finished building the bridge at 3 am today (June 17), and permitted the resumption of the traffic. Except from the landside, there were no other major damages on the road, and we have already repaired them all,” explained U Hla Shwe of the team.
Two teams – No 7 and 16 special road building teams – in cooperation of soldiers of local battalion started erecting the bridge at about 9.30 am on 16 June and completed at 3 am next day. The bridge that can bear up to 16 tons is 90 feet long and 13 feet wide.
Due to heavy rains, there occurred over-flooding on Yangon-Sittway Road, causing landslides between milestones 28/0 and 28/1, with building a bailey bridge being arranged for vehicles to ply in rainy season, according to road special engineering team-16.
Due to torrents in 2015, some parts of Yangon-Sittway road were destroyed by landslides. In 2016 there did not happen any damages to the roads.
On account of torrents in Rakhine State, there occurred flooding on Sittway—Yangon road.
According to the ministry of Transport and Communications, in 12 places between An & Kazukai village over-floods occurred.


Min Thit (MNA)


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