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June 22, 2018

Traditional earthern pots marketable in Magwe Region

Earthern pots. Photo: Kyaw Swa
Earthern pots. Photo: Kyaw Swa

TRADITIONAL earthern pots manufactured from Taung-dwingyi Township are marketable in Magwe Region, a merchant says.
The clay products made by pottery makers from Kokkukhwa Village located neat Beikthano ancient city which has been incorporated into  the World Heritage List, are popular in the regional market due to its excellent quality and designs.
It is believed that the tradition techniques of making earthern materials have been developed since Pyu or Iron Age as numerous utensils made of clay decorated with ancient architectures were found near the city.
Although new generations of family pottery businesses show no interest in continuing such business, local pottery industries traditionally produce different sizes of vases, stoves, cup of oil lamp and toys.
Locals in the village are engaged in production of earthern pots for many years. These earthernware products are mainly sent to the market in Magwe, Taungdwingyi and Minbu townships.
“We could produce 200 finished pots per day,” a pottery maker said who believes that earthernware products will continue to exist at any age.
Normally, merchants sell out a clay water pot at price ranging from K1,000 in minimum to K1,500  in maximum. A pottery vase is worth K500 to K150.


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