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February 28, 2018

Traditional earthen pot toys festival to be held in Mandalay

Visitors buy traditional earthen pot toys at Taung Byone.
Visitors buy traditional earthen pot toys at Taung Byone.

MYANMAR’S traditional earthen pot toys festival kicked off yesterday before the Taung Byone festival in Oh Bo ward, Aungmyaythazan township, Mandalay.
According to residents, earthen pot toys made of clay have been on sale although the festival is five days away.
“I have been selling earthen pot toys for over 40 years. I love the job very much. The festival is more crowded at night. Retailers buy basket loads of earthen toys to sell them back at the festival. We do not expect much profit from selling them as the pot toys are made of clay and easy to crack.” said a seller of pot toys.
Mandalay celebrates an annual ‘play pot festival’, where tiny pots and pans of baked clay are sold not only to children but also adult collectors.
Six pieces of earthen pot toys are sold for K500 and a pair of hairclips made of flowers for K500. Also on sale at the festival are playthings made of clay such as colourful bowls, Pyit Taing Daung, kettles and animals.
Clay pots makers from Sagaing region sell one basket load of earthen pot toys for K25,000.  In the past, clay pots were not painted.



Aung Thant Khaing


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