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February 27, 2018

Traditional clay pot business scarce in Twantay township

A traditional clay pot business seen in Twantay township.
A traditional clay pot business seen in Twantay township.

Traditional clay pot business has become scarce in Twantay township because of the rising costs of raw materials and scarce supply of labor, said a villager from Twantay township.
The traditional clay pot business has been handed down by the grandparents since I was 28 years old. Now, I am 65 years old. Previously, there were nearly 500 clay pot businesses in Twantay township but now there are just 15 businesses left. Most of the clay pot businesses have to depend on greedy money lenders after they suffered from Cyclone Nargis. So, we now hopes to seek support form the government.
Ma Kay Thwe, a clay pot maker said that I work in the clay pot business from 7:00 to 5:00.  At first, my brother and I worked together and we earned Ks 1,500 per day.
But, my brother worked as a porter and he is earning Ks 4,500 per day. Moreover, the high price of fire wood is a major cause for stopping the business.
Traditional Twantay clay pots are in high demand from Yangon.


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