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October 21, 2018

Tractors in high demand in Ngathayauk

A tractor seen driving ploughing the field.
A tractor seen driving ploughing the field.

TRADITIONALLY, local farmers in Ngathayauk Township, Mandalay Region have earned their living through the use of traditional farming methods like the harrowing of farm land by cattle that are bred by the land owners. Recently, however, these farmers have turned to tractors, saving time and energy. Motorised tractors are in high demand at the moment among farmers in Ngathayauk, it has been learned from locals.
“In the old days there was no one who used tractors on their farms. Now, farmers in the upcountry villages are promoting their agricultural
business by purchasing
There are two or three tractors in each village of our town, and I think there is no village left which doesn’t have a tractor,” said a farmer from upcountry.
“Tractors bring more productivity and benefits to our farmers than cattle because we find it hard to harrow the dry land with cattle in summer.
Farmers have now come to realise the advantages of mechanised agriculture,” said a farmer from Myaynelgyi village, Ngathayauk Township.


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