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February 26, 2018

Towards peace, stability and progress of Rakhine State

Undertakings for progress and socio-economic development of Rakhine State

Labours work at soft-shell crab breeding farm in Kyaukpyu.

Rakhine State is now witnessing notice able signs of social progress which we trust will gain further acceleration in the very near future as the incumbent government leaves no stone unturned in serving the local interest.
In fact, this significant social progress was achieved within a year as the government’s enthusiasm for development and the local aspiration served as the engine of growth amidst the many natural barriers including mountains, forests and rivers.

The pride of Sittway
Sittway the regional capital is famous for its Viewpoint overlooking the area where the Kaladan River meets the Bay of Bengal. The Viewpoint now has new additions — an 18-foot tall tower, a 12-feet high figure portraying the traditional Rakhine sprout, nine-foot tall statues of traditional wrestlers and other legendary figures. These new arrivals alongside the upgrading programme have turned the Viewpoint into an international level recreation centre or the pride of Sittway.

Other improvements
In addition to its intra-road improvement scheme, the regional capital also saw the airport extension project which provided the facility with greater passenger handling capacity and the convenient lounge. Round-the-clock power supply has come to Sittway since it has been connected with the national grid.

Ethnic housing in Shwe Yin Aye village in Maungtaw Township.

A village workshop
The erection of a workshop comprising 100 looms is under way at a cost of K 143 million at Kyama-thauk village in Sittway Township with the aim of generating new job opportunities for locals and improving their social status.
Jobs for trained persons
The workshop whose completion date is set in March end next year is one of the fruits the incumbent government has brought within a year. The workshop will bring social progress by employing 100 persons trained for this particular job. At the old project office of Sai-din Hydropower Project in Sittway is a pilot garment factory under construction for the benefit of local people.

Guaranteed social life
The factory after its completion will be a facility helping improve the social life of youths, especially young women by generating jobs for them.

Ponnagyun retransmission station
Ponnagyun now has a retransmission station that is distributing power to its wards and some nearby villages.

File photo shows an aerial view of Sittway in Rakhine State.

Khamikyaingchaung Dam
The completed Khamikyaingchaung Dam located near Khamikyaingchaung village 11 miles north of Ponnagyun Township and the reclaimed Guwamoe reservoir with a storage capacity of 25.95 acre-feet at Ywahaung ward in the township are now supplying over 2736 million gallons of water for the local people.

The newly constructed irrigation sluicegates and salt-water protection sluicegates Tabethlan village, Khamaungtaw village, Alechaung village and Kyaukpyinseik village in Ponnagyun Township are now helpful to the success of farming in the region. In addition, the provision of farm material has improved the living conditions of farmers as they can now overcome all kinds of difficulties and boost per-acre yield.

Youth handicraft school
Ponnagyun is now witnessing improvement of living standards thanks to the better road and sea transport which is the result of the roads and port upgrading project. The border youth handicraft school in the town serves as a vocational education disseminator for local youths. The townspeople can travel by train as Ponnagyun now has a newly-built railway station.

Rati port
Kyauktaw Township in MraukU District is accessible by car as it is located on Yangon-Sittway road. During the first year of its term in office, the government upgraded the Rati port on Kissapanadi River which is the main portal and the business centre of the township.

One of the site for natural gas extraction under the Shwe natural gas project in Kyaukpyu Special Economic Zone, Rakhine State.

Flourishing trade
As the port is now handling more ships than ever, it facilitates and promotes the trade activities of local people of Ponnagyun located on the west bank of the river. Hence the government’s port extension work is effectively serving the interest of the local people.

Kyauktaw 66-Kv power station
The newly installed 66-Kv power station is supplying electricity to Kyauktaw round-the-clock while the roadside lampposts are extending the electricity distribution network to reach every home of the town which is on its way towards social and industrial development.

Passenger and freight trucks
Kyauktaw is accessible both by water and land transport. Increased in the number of cargo and passenger boats plying daily between Sittway deep-water port and Kyauktaw and Kyauktaw-MraukU route has facilitated the water transport sector of the town.

220 schools
Kyauktaw Township has six high schools and another six affiliated high schools totaling 12. If middle and primary schools are added the number will be about 220. Construction of an affiliated high school is also completed. These schools are education distribution centres especially for rural youths of the township.

One of the site for natural gas extraction under the Shwe natural gas project in Kyaukpyu Special Economic Zone, Rakhine State.

Youths with advanced farming knowledge
Agro Science School in Kyauktaw has started producing youths with advanced farming knowledge who will be the driving force for regional progress. The renovated Pyaing creek dam, canals linking Pikawkin creek, Zee creek dam and Mintha creek dam are beneficial to the progress of agriculture on which the township depends.

MraukU ancient cultural zone
Local youths are finding new jobs at the hotel business providing services for visitors to the MraukU ancient cultural zone. The new MraukU airport will also generate new job opportunities for youths and promote their social status. The existence of highway coach centres and ports has made MraukU easily reachable by land and water.

Repair of spillway and control tower
The repair of Gaya dam for effective irrigation and the provision of harvesters and millers have contributed to the timely cultivation of crops in MraukU Township.

52 power-tillers for farmers
The government has sold 52 power-tillers for farmers under its programme to sell farm equipment in installments at reasonable prices. The programme has improved the working environment and living standard of farmers.

Community-based tourism
Arrangements are under way to establish community-based tourism in MraukU Township. The government has sent officials to study three Chin villages located upstream Laymyo River in MraukU Township for two times during the period from 1 April 2016 to March this year to turn them into community-based tourism destinations.
The project is a great hope for the villagers as it will generate rapid progress for them.Transport development in Minbya Township on Yangon-Sittway Road has propelled it into a mini hub, linking Yangon by road and Myepon, Kyaukpyu and Taungup by sea. Transport development is a welcome change for local people. Minbya is now a modern town with paved roads and concrete buildings.

A developing town
Minbya has become a developing town with robust agriculture, livestock breeding and trade businesses. The townspeople get water from Myaungyi dam which is seven miles from the town.
Sluicegates against salt water
Apart from government-built Balipauk, Shwebontha and Thetpon sluicegates, there are also pubic-built ones – Owun, Sonye, Thinganet and Kyaungshe – totaling eight sluice gates in the township. Thanks to these structures crops are thriving in it.

School for ethnic races
A school for ethnic races in Kinseik village near Minbya is providing vocational education free of charge. Skilled labour generated by the school is a bonanza for social improvement.

As it is a junction of Rakhine State, Minbya serves as the gateway to other regions and states via Ramong Bridge. Hence, it has bright potentials for progress. As the town now has enough electricity supply from a sub-power station increase in power consumption means increase in economic growth for the town whose sub-power station is providing enough energy for households and businesses.

33Kv power line
The 33Kv Minbya-Myepon power line is distributing electricity to Myepon which is a port town.

Kyethsin Bridge
After its completion, the 1920-feet long Kyethsin Bridge between Minbya and Myepon will be a booster for rapid progress of the latter that is unconnected with the regional road network till now. But this situation will end soon.

Over 500 fish farming ponds
Fish farming is flourishing in Myepon which has 522 ponds in 13874 acres of fish farms. Development in transport sector coupled with irrigation dams and provision of farm equipment has served as the springboard for the growth in the agricultural sector which is the base for socio-economic progress.
Kyaukpyu a township and a district administrative centre by its name is also a transport hub reachable by sea and road. Kyaukpyu has two ports of which Ngalabway mainly handles passenger ships, cargo boats and trawlers coming in from or going to the north including Sittway.

It is a port always busy with incoming and outgoing freighters and trawlers. Fishing and agriculture are the main businesses of the town which has become modern and new with upgraded roads and fine buildings.

Good transport
Good transport and adequate power supply are the driving forces behind socio-economic development of Kyaukpyu whose airport is handling domestic flights. Kyaukpyu will achieve rapidest economic growth in Rakhine State because of its special economic zone and deep seaport. The government provided 300 units of farm machinery including harrowers, winnowers, tractors and power-tillers for agricultural development of Kyaukpyu Township. The government during its first year in office erected 479 power towers, up 182 from the previous year’s 297.

Telecom towers
Courses on the application of farm machinery have promoted human resources of the state, apart from the provisions for health and education sectors telecom towers have been extended alongside the increase in the number of cell phone users. During its first year in office, the government installed telecom towers, up 182 from the previous fiscal year which saw the erection of only 297.

Manual to mechanized farming
The distribution of 430 units of farm machinery, erection of sluice gates, provision of loans and seeds in Manaung and Yanbye have steered the two towns towards mechanized farming. The government provided 14496 baskets of quality seeds, 446 power-tillers, five tractors and 572 winnowers at reasonable prices in Rakhine State in 2016-2017. The same fiscal saw the state producing over 74 million baskets of rice of which over 49 million was for local consumption and as seed corn. Hence the state produced surplus rice during the time.

Village development
An Township has seen the implementation of a public-centred project alongside the village development project in cooperation with the World Bank. Road transport is good enough to reach Ngathaingchaung in Ayeyawady Region.

230Kv Man-An power line
The government has been adding new infrastructures and facilities in providing health and education for the whole Rakhine State. An is achieving town-and-village economic development together with social improvement as electricity supply has reached it though the newly installed 230Kv Man-An power line that is nearly seven miles long. The increase in the mobile phone users in An and nearby areas is a sign of change in lifestyles.

Nylon tar
Thandwe District also has good transport. The Bayintnaung Road between Thandwe and Ngapali, the Bogyoke Aung San Road and the Marga Road were paved with nylon tar along with the improvement of the intra-town roads.

Trade and tourism centre
Highways coaches are running on Yangon-Thandwe road daily apart from short or long trips to the towns and places situated all along the thoroughfare. In this regard, the highway coach terminal in Thandwe is a busy place witnessing the arrival and departure of passengers and goods day and night.

Shwehlay and Dwarawady bridges
The two bridges — Shwehlay and Dwarawady — are facilitating road transport between Taungup and Thandwe. Moreover, Thandwe is also linked with Gwa by road. Better road transport is also the main spring of social development in the district.
The direct road links between Yangon and Taungup and Gwa in Rakhine State and the less-than-12-hour drive to Yangon from Thandwe are the facilitators for economic and social development.
Ngapali Beach
Thandwe has the Ngapali Beach and Thandwe airport, while Gwa also the Kanthaya Beach. The yearly arrival of a large number of local and foreign visitors has boosted hotel business in Ngapali which is generating new job opportunities for locals who are experiencing social progress.

Taungup Degree College
The degree college in Taungup in Thandwe District is a higher learning centre for youths inside and outside the area. The government in office has built 324 new basic education schools — 11 high schools, 12 affiliated high schools, — seven middle schools, 79 affiliated middle schools, 167 post primary schools, 19 primary schools and 29 affiliated primary schools — in Rakhine State. It also appointed 1,332 primary teachers as a means in fulfilling the teachers for the growing number of students. It has also brought social progress by opening the government technical institute (Kyaukpyu), government technical institute (Thandwe) and government technical school (Sittway) where professional knowledge is shared. Moreover, the government upgraded Taungup college into a degree college in Rakhine State which also has Sittway University and Kyaukpyu Education College.

New Taungup 100-bed hospital
Taungup degree college on Taungup-An-Sittway Road has now become a centre of higher learning. Although Taungup already has a 40-bed hospital, the government with the goodwill of extending public health services is building a new 100-bed hospital which is now at its near completion. A total of 121 rural health centres and 558 health care sub-centres are providing health services especially for the villages in Rakhine State which has a population of 3.3 million. The government in office spent Ks 3,953.490 million in fiscal year 2016-2017 for 52 projects for health structure development in the 17 townships of the state, up from Ks 1,365 million for 22 projects in the previous fiscal year.

Taungup-Manaung-Kyauktaw-MraukU route
From the port in Taungup, coastal vessels are sailing along the Taungup-Manaung-Kyauktaw-MraukU route. Thandwe District is gaining rapid socio-economic progress thanks to the land, air and road transport, availability of electricity and the fulfillments in the agriculture, health and education sectors. One of the significant progresses of Thandwe District is the increasing number of mobile phone users.

100 units of rural homes
The rural housing project in Maungtaw and Buthidaung townships of Maungtaw District covers the work of building 100 new homes.
New Panzin creek bridge
Local people are grateful for the government’s opening of the new Panzin creek bridge on the road linking Maungtaw and Buthidaung townships in the northern part of Maungtaw District during its one-year service in office on 25 March this year.
Maungtaw-Buthidaung tarred road
In addition to the Panzin creek bridge, Maungtaw-Buthidaung tarred road was inaugurated on the same day. The all-weather facility and road will help develop multi sectors including economic, social, health and education fields of Maungtaw District.

Two new towns
The government during its first year in office upgraded the former villages — Khamongseik and Myinhlut — in Maungtaw District into towns, providing necessary infrastructure to meet the requirements.
Khamongseik will become a border trade point with Bangladesh after it is formed into a town with five wards. Now Khamongseik has a General Administration Department office that will oversee the upgrading project. The upgrading of Khamongseik 40 miles from Maungtaw will surely bring progress in all sectors including transport, health and education.

K 3660 million for 122 villages
Under the Myaseinyaung Village Project, the government is developing 122 villages with the provision of Ks 30 million for each village. The project to be implemented fiscal-year-wise with a total expenditure of Ks 3660 million is aimed at creating new job opportunities and income generation for villagers.

Border region homes
The government provided 183 homes and office buildings for nine border villages in Rakhine State. Thanks to the one-year accomplishments of the incumbent government all-round development of local people of villages and towns in Rakhne State is gradually reaching a new and brighter age.


Translated by Tin Maung Than



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