July 11, 2017

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Tourist arrivals in Mandalay expected to hit 5 millions this year

Myanansankyaw Golden Palace.
Myanansankyaw Golden Palace.

MYANMAR’S Hotels and Tourism Ministry expects that international tourist arrivals in Mandalay alone will reach around 5 millions this year, a spokesperson says.
Since October 2015, the number of foreign visitors has gradually increased month by month. Most of the visitors are from the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Thailand and China.
Among last year’s visitors, over 120,000 tourists visited the city via direct flights from from Thailand, India and China, which are permitted to land at Mandalay’s Tada U International Airport.
Those international visitors spent most of their time visiting cultural sites, including the Myanansankyaw Golden Palace, Mandalay Hill, the Maha
Muni Pagoda, U Pein Bridge, the Golden Temple and Ahtumashi Monastery. They also sought to observe locals’ cultural practices, lifestyles and traditional handicraft businesses, including gold embroidery and gold foil workshops.
The number of visitors who entered the region by car or motorbike along the Muse-Mandalay Union Highway and the Tamu-Mandalay Road also rose this year, according to the ministry. Last year, 4.2 million international visitors entered Myanmar, with the ministry estimating that the number will increase to 5 millions by April 2016.




Pyae Phyo Naing


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