June 29, 2017

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Tomato cultivators in Myingyan face losses

Tomato plantations in Myingyan.
Tomato plantations in Myingyan.

GROWER’S tomato plantations in Phet Yin village, North part of Myingyan, Mandalay Region are experiencing lowered prices of their stock.
Though the farmers have seen a good harvest of the seasonal crop, they expressed distress at the decreased price of tomatoes.
“When I’m starting a plantation, one viss (1.6 kilograms)  jumps up to K1000. But when we harvest, the price downed to K100 and then K50. I planted roughly half an acre and I plucked around 15 baskets at one time”, said a local farmer.
“Over 500 visses are
yielded from my farm. But only the growers who are harvesting early get a good price”, he added.
A local market has offered K130 and K80 for one viss but local farmers have to pay 20 per cent of one viss for transportation.


Than Zaw Min (IPRD)


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