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June 07, 2018

To enable equal access of education

Myint Win Thein


Every human being needs equal access to education at the primary and secondary levels as well as at tertiary level. Equal access to education means everyone can afford it. However, only a few people can afford it while the majority of people are struggling and many are denied access even to a primary level of education around the world.
The best way to make education accessible to all is to adopt a free compulsory education system. However, some people think it is impossible or impractical even to adopt a free and compulsory secondary education system, given the economic and political conditions of a society as a whole. It means that some young people will continue to be early dropouts that will continue to place a burden on the society. If free and compulsory secondary education was impossible, it would be impractical to fundamentally change a society.
Some people are afraid of using the word revolution as they think a revolution is a process of changing a society through bloodshed and violence. However, not a single shot was fired during one of the greatest revolutions of mankind, the industrial revolution, although much power was handed over from feudal landlords to industrialists and economic liberals (that is to say capitalists). It is just a phase of historical progress.
Let’s make education a drastic change for the younger generations across the world for the future of our mankind by adopting a free and compulsory education system for all. It would require neither bloodshed nor violence.


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