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December 13, 2018

Time to be united to stand tall in the World

  • The Union is the great nest consisting of national races with different symbols of unity.
  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • Those who dwell in a fortified castle of great strength can stand tall in the midst of others, without fear. They have courage to defend against the dangers of enemies. Living in a circle of great strength means existence in unity, that is, co-existence without untying our joined hands even in time of danger and difficulty.
    In the animal kingdom, creatures survive due to unity. Unity has excellent characteristics including success. Our nation, “Myanmar” is a country in which national races have been coexisting in peace for long, bringing about the meaning of unity and being a symbol of unity. We can rightfully say we are all “Pyidaungsu Thars” which brings out the intrinsic meaning of our Union and our unity.
    The Union is a great nest place for all national races with different symbols of unity. Different races have different particular adages which convey the meaning of unity. For example, Kachin nationals have a saying—If the cows don’t stick together, the tiger will eat them; If three are united a sea can be emptied; Kayin nationals on the other hand have this saying—Paddy gives rice meal, Bamboos help you to cross a river; the unity of siblings can bake a stone into a sweet potato; Mon nationals have this saying— In the same boat for the same destination; A grain of sesame cannot make oil-similar to the meaning, “One swallow does not make a summer.”; Rakhine nationals have this saying—Eating a meal alone is not much fun, eating in company makes a meal more enjoyable and delicious; Shouldering a burden collectively makes it lighter.
    The Union of Myanmar where different races of national people live together has managed to stand tall throughout the history because of national unity to protect our national sovereignty. The first time was during the reign of King Anawrahtta, second time during the rule of King Bayintnaung, and the third time in the time of King Alaung Phaya. The fourth time was during the period of our struggle for independence against British colonial rule. Wonderfully enough, our national leaders and our people born in the Union managed to struggle with indomitable spirit for the longevity of the Union through unity of strength, standing tall shoulder to shoulder with other nations of the world with our heads held up high. This resulted from the strength of unity and solidarity of the all the people of Myanmar. In other words, this was achieved through the unity of all the “Pyidaungsu Thars”, meaning all the citizens of the Union of Myanmar.
    Thus, it is incumbent upon us to relay the Unity Spirit from generation to generation. Now we need to criticize ourselves whether we are really united. To put it simply, our fellow brethren still differ from each other in opinion. Thus we cannot build up unity, and so we were despised by some countries. Now is the time for us to stand tall among the countries of the world in unity and dignity in spite of baseless allegations and unfair criticisms..


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