September 23, 2017

Time to stop political daydreaming

IN the six months leading up to the 2010 general election, an array of politicians and analysts urged the public to cast their votes, saying it would turn the country into a democracy overnight. At that time, the public was largely indifferent to the general election, but the politicians and analysts eventually persuaded them.
It is true that general elections are important but they alone cannot solve all the problems that have been raging for decades. It will take some time to change old mindsets and systems.  However, politicians say all problems will be solved when the people vote for them.
Now, with another general election looming later this year, politicians and analysts have already been gripped by a high fever and are trying to spread it to the public once more, promising that the upcoming ballot will change the political landscape of Myanmar dramatically.
It is undeniable that 2015 general election is important for Myanmar, but it is unlikely to eliminate all rooted social woes that have been jeopardizing the country for decades. History has shown us that transition of a country takes time.
It is high time politicians and analysts take accountability for their political rhetoric and stop political daydreaming and misleading the public.


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