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March 02, 2018

Tilapia breeder says technology needs to modernise to attract FDI

U MYINT Sein, a local tilapia breeder, said that the US has shown interest in importing 30 shipping containers of tilapia from Myanmar each month, equaling 360 containers a year.
Foreign partnerships, important in attaining technological know-how in the intensive aquaculture industry, is required to have better access to U.S markets for tilapia farmers, he said yesterday.
The breeder, who recently attended the Boston Seafood Show in the US, added that tilapia farmed in Myanmar need to be bigger and healthier to meet standards set by the US, which imports 70,000 containers of tilapia annually, mostly from China.
“Myanmar tilapia’s flesh is often thin and they come in varied sizes. The US market demands tilapia with thick flesh and fish which are similar in size, around 1 kg.”
These requirements can be fulfilled by setting up a sustainable aquaculture projects with the aid of advanced technology in Myanmar, he said.   U Myint Sein said that he is seeking a joint venture partner for high-tech aquaculture projects that would help fill the gap.
He called on those in Myanmar’s fishery sector to develop modern aquaculture system in tilapia and ka-kadit farming to help hit the country’s yearly export earnings target of US$ 1 billion in the fishery sector.
U Myint Sein said that he has invited Imaj Enterprise Ltd,a Canada-based aquaculture system provider, to operate tilapia production in Myanmar under a 50-50 or 80-20 joint venture in which he would bear the cost of machines, manpower and land property while the technology for breeding and upgrading the species of tilapia in Myanmar would be taken up by his counterpart.
During his presentation on the prospects of aquaculture systems in Myanmar at the Myanmar Fisheries Federation yesterday, Jamal Ahmed of the Canadian firm elaborated on semi intensive indoor re-circulation systems suitable for small investment projects.
The fishery expert stressed the need to modernise the country’s aquaculture system and broaden its production base as well as species variety to become a major seafood exporter in the region.


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