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February 27, 2018

Three killed, one injured by armed groups

15167576_1131151330339064_4399342576792646490_oAn artillery shell fired by armed groups killed a civilian father and his son and injured the other son Wednesday evening in Honar village in Namkham township, northern Shan State, according to the Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office.
The shell was fired by the KIA, TNLA and MNDAA, the committee said.
The artillery shell dropped onto the roof of U P Kai Sho’s house, instantly killing U P Kai Sho and his son P Kat Sao. The other son P Kai Kyone was injured. The extent of P Kai Kyone’s injury could not be determined.
The administrator of Kaungkak village and a team sent P Kai Kyone to Namkham Hospital for medical treatment, it was reported.

One civilian killed by TNLA

TNLA troops fired on a truck en-route from Muse to Kutkai near Mile Post-233 at about 11.50 am yesterday, killing a conductor on board the vehicle. The 45 year old man, who was sitting beside the driver of the truck, was shot in the head and died instantly. The driver managed to escape from the scene.
Similarly, TNLA troops two days earlier stopped a truck near Mile Post-224 on the Union Highway, forced the driver and conductor out of the truck and destroyed the vehicle, according to the Ministry of Defence.—Myanmar News Agency


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