September 25, 2017

Threatening By Fear

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • The actual situation of both different communities in Maungtaw in Rakhine State (North) can be said to have been overwhelmed by the feeling of fear under atrocious killings and threatening. Due to the gang-like murders of terrorists, 33 innocent people were killed during a 7-month period and 19 others still missing on account of abduction.
    Those who fall prey to murder and abduction were people who answered the questions during interviews conducted by news media-men without concealing anything, informants and helpers to the Tatmadaw and the Police Force and so on. They are innocent ones who want to live in peace, avoiding any conflicts. They belong to the same community in race and religion, but it can be said that they happened to be the scapegoats of intentional homicide. The extremists and terrorists live together with fellow locals with the subversive ideas, sabotaging plans to build peace and stability in the area, cessation of conflicts and establishing rule of law in the country, being implemented by the State. They are trying to shape a society according to their own vision to reach their aims, driving society by threatening with fear.
    Very recently, news about terrorists saving arms and ammunitions, conducting training for armed attacks in big dwelling abodes in May Yu ranges and nearby villages and recruitment of people to attend the terrorist attack trainings indicated that more armed attacks are going to be imminent in the near future. Armed attacks and gang-like attacks which took places in Rakhine State were masterminded by an organization based in a country of the Middle East and it was said in a research paper of the International Crisis Group in Brussels of Belgium, in which it was described in Arabic language that Harakah al Yaqin, a terrorist group aimed at controlling Maungtaw and disconnecting it from Buthidaung and building a military base based on May Yu Ranges, controlling north of Buthidaung after building defensive positions and thenceforth controlling Myanmar-Bangladesh border area after conquering some areas of Yathedaung, the main target.
    Efforts of the Union government to establish rule of law and build peace and stability in Maungtaw region, northern Rakhine and to ensure that the two communities can co-exist peacefully is none other than shouldering the national responsibilities for national security and perpetuation of sovereignty.


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