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June 07, 2018

The true value of defeat

Myint Win Thein

People generally treat defeat as a sign of weaknesses and experience a sense of bitterness, shame — or even hatred. Some see it as the end of their world as they know it. But defeat isn’t as bad as some people think: it can in fact be an integral part of long-term success.
People who only experience success in their careers are getting but a half taste of life. Life is made up of both failures and success. Those who experience both victories and defeats can enjoy the full bouquet of the human experience. Defeat and failure is humbling and educational. Even the greatest men and women in history suffered defeats at some point. It helped to make them stronger and ultimately more successful. Defeat can do the same for everyone if it is seen in the right light.
Defeat almost never results in a person losing all that they have strived for in life. With reflection, humility and clear headed judgment, defeat offers an opportunity for improvement. Failure can arouse the best attributes of a person’s character. This includes the will to succeed and perseverance.
Defeat provides losers with everything they need for success in the future. It can be said that defeat compensates the fallen for their loss. However this depends on the way defeat is perceived. It should not bring about bitterness and resentment. Adopting the wrong approach to defeat will make people lifelong losers as they will become consumed with self-pity. We must remember that defeat bestows life lessons – and at the very least, a chance for genuine self-reflection. Those who face defeat must remember that a different, though no less important, benefit awaits.


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