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February 26, 2018

The true meaning of globalisation

World leaders have just agreed to fight global warming at the climate change conference in Paris. It is good news for everyone on earth. All of us need to cooperate for the survival of the world. If we cannot cooperate to save our planet, we will meet the same fate as the species whose fossilised remains are the only evidence of their existence. It is time we preserved ourselves—alive rather than extinct.
Some people are proud of globalisation and say the world, which took millennia to connect, has become just a village thanks to globalisation. In fact, they are talking about the world in terms of business and communication because the world has become so only for an elite class of people.
As the world has grown more interconnected, its people have also become more interdependent. In other words, all have to depend on each other for their survival. Therefore, it is anachronistic to think that one would survive the scourge of climate change thanks to advanced technologies or wealth.
Greater efforts must be made to foster the dependence of human beings on one another. It is time we cooperated with all living and non-living things on earth. It is time we stopped fighting each other over differences in race and religion and focussed on saving all the earth’s people.


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