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February 26, 2018

The Traditional “Greeting- word” of Myanmar is “Min-gala-par”

By U Than Zaw
Who or what ever person he may be, when ever he put his initial steps on Myanmar (Burma), he has to meet some-where else.
The initial greeting words of Myanmar IS “MINGALAPAR”, then some other additional words depend on the one who greets, eg; “glad to meet you”  and all etc.
The word “Mingalapar means, I wish you to be auspicious and advantageous in your future.
The responsive answer is ” Mingalapar ” also,  with a very sweet smiling face in accordance with our (Myanmar) tradition.
We all nations in Myanmar, this manner or the behavior of smiling face is only their original practice or characteristic from birth. It is our basic equality. Where ever you go in any part of Myanmar, you shall encounter that mood, I believe. I am just for warding you open-heartedly. I am not boasting about it. In connection with the word ” Mingalapar ” it had been introduced in Myanmar from the time of enlightenment of Lod-Buddha since over (25) century.
The back-ground history of it might be recalled  for all our knowledge in details.
In those days, just before the period of Lod Buddha’s enlightenment, there were the majority of man-kinds and like-wise, “DEVA” (spiritual beings) were  devided  into three mam groups, making arguments what is the realism or real definition of the word ” Mingala”.
They made stages in the public centres and debated the “TITLE” for almost (12) years.
During that time Lod-Buddha was dwelling at Zay-ta-wun monastery construed by a very rich-man, by the name of Anatapein a very peculiar incident happened and narrated by Shin Anan da, who was the younger brother and the Personal Representative of Lod-Buddha as follows:-
At a mid-night, an unknown, ordinary “DEVA” (spiritual being), his whole body was radiating brilliant lights shining the whole shrine-hall of Buddha, he came forth and stop at a place, not very far or near, in standing position ., paid warship respectfully and forwarded a quary about the actual meaning of “Mingalar” of which mankind as well as “DEVA” had been facing the problem still unsolved yet, reverence, sir.
The Lod-Buddha delivered the doctrine regarding (38) varieties of “Mingalars” as follov’vs:-
Remarks: (May I write about the meanings of “Mingalars” in English only, because most of our readers are not familiar with original written literature in SAN-SERIPT and the interpretation in Burmese (Myanmar) so far, Thanks)
Lod-Buddah’s Doctrines about “Mingala-Sutta” in English :

  1. Not to associate with the foolish,
  2. To associate with the wise;
  3.  To honor those worthy of honor:
  4. To dwell in suitable locallity,
  5. To be endowed with merits occurred in the past:
  6. : To  establish  oneself  rightly;
  7. To have immensity of knowledge;
  8.  To aquire skill in sciences;
  9. To be well-trained in disciple;
  10. To have words well spoken;
  11. Serve thy parents;
  12. To support thy wife and children;
  13. To be engage in peaceful occupations;
  14. Generosity;
  15. Lawful conduct;
  16. To support thy relatives;
  17. To perform faultless actions;
  18. To abstrain from evils;
  19. To retrain from sins;
  20. To restrain from intoxicant;
  21. To be deligent in law;
  22. Reverence;
  23. Modesty;
  24. Contentment;
  25. The gratitude to-wards the grcatfulness;
  26. Timely audition of the doctrine;
  27. Patience;
  28. Obedience;
  29. Visit the monks;
  30. Timely discussion of doctrine;
  31. Asce ·tic practices;
  32. Chastity;
  33. To discern the noble truths,
  34. To realize the “NJ VANA”,
  35. The mind which is touched by the eight vieissitudes;
  36. Be free from anxiety;
  37. Be stainlessly pure;
  38. Be perfectly secure;

“Mingala Sutta Ends” May all Buddha teaching perpetuate, Buddha Sa Sana Siram Tettatu,


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