September 25, 2017

The touchstone of our intellect

It is undeniable that only a few institutions are very successful in accomplishing their restructuring efforts when it comes to transformation. The failure is often due to lack of a constant, holistic and effective approach to transformation. At a time when rapid reform has become a phenomenon of the 21st century, institutions that swim against the tide will not last.
Great people of all time are found not only willing to transform themselves first but also capable of aligning themselves to the direction of restructuring. They are well aware of the simple fact that reform starts at the top. In addition, they understand that people matter most in making transformation happen. Accordingly, they deliver core messages through multiple channels regularly and inspirationally in a bid to persuade the people into contributing to reform.
People are bound to hold different views and trade blame, especially in the dynamics of political reform. It is always easy to find fault with others. The hardest part is to discover mistakes in ourselves. We should all be convinced that what puts our country
in poverty is none but our
own neglect of obligation
to promote national integration.
Therefore, how united we can stand for reform can be regarded as the touchstone of our intellect. The time is ripe enough for us to make a difference this time. There is always a first time for everything. If we fail to come together to drive reform, we will have nobody but ourselves to blame.


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