July 04, 2017

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The Spirit of An Administration

Mind is the key to life.
You can elevate your life with your mind, and
You can degrade your life with your mind
– Bhagavad Gita

Whatever you can believe and
Conceive, you can achieve.
– Napoleon Hill

Morale is to material as 3 is to 1.
– Napoleon Bonaparte

The purpose of an organization is
to make common men do uncommon things.
– Lord Beveridge

Do small things with great love.
– Mother Teresa

The Eisenhower Administration had been dubbed as the Management Administration. In my opinion, a good administration should be based both on Management and Leadership. Leadership is for the effectiveness of an administration, and management is for the efficiency of an administration. Peter F. Drucker has defined:
Effectiveness means doing the RIGHT things, and efficiency means doing the things RIGHT. For a good administration to be effective as well as efficient, it should be purposefully guided by the following FOUR FACTORS OF SUCCESS: burning desire; indomitable spirit; unyielding effort; and insight wisdom. For a good administration to be brilliantly successful, the whole administration should be inspired by the following FOUR ASPECTS of PRIORITY: focus; insight; results; and execution. For a good administration to be victorious in its battle for PEOPLE, PLANET AND PROSPERITY, it should always give emphasis to strengthening the following FOUR PILLARS OF VICTORY: The quality and capability of the leader; the quality and capability to the followers; morale; and resources. For a good administration to be able to give consistently effective leadership, it should always cultivate the following LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTIC: being visionary and having core values; having insight and inspiration; having sterling character and competence; having trustworthiness and tough-mindedness; being able to outthink and outperform; being revolutionary in spirit and resourceful; being innovative and inclusive; having objectives and outstanding resources; being unique and unrivalled; and having strategy and strengths. Besides, for a good administration to be able to develop people, planet and prosperity, it should successfully carry out the five following Management Functions: making things happen and getting things done; accountability; goal-driven; innovation; and commitment –oriented. Besides, it also needs six Leadership Functions: persuading; organizing; enabling; teaching; inspiring; and caring. For a good administration to be able to bring about greater, better, faster, more economical and more sustainable results for REACE, PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY, it should always valiantly and meticulously practice the following ELGHT PRINCIPLES OF VICTORY: the principle of objective; the principle of concentration; the principle of offensive; the principle of cooperation; the principle of economy of force; the principle of security; the principle of surprise; and the principle of mobility. For a good administration to be able to stand tall, to add value and to create wealth for the people and the nation as a whole, it must always scrupulously avoid the following Eight Factors of Failure: greed; arrogance; complacency; inconsistency; myopia; apathy; inertia; and ignorance.
The leader and all the followers should always bear in mind the following sayings of the wise with all their minds, with all their hearts with all their souls and with their strengths:
*    To dare nobly,
To will strongly, and                                           Never to falter in the path of duty.
*    Think the most
Feel the noblest, and                                              Act the best.
*    Be strong inside,
Permit no defeat, and                                            Fight all you can.



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