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October 16, 2018

The Land of Music

UTA (Yangon University)

Myanmar can be said “The Land of Music”. Whatever Myanmar people do, they have a song to sing for it. In Myanmar, wherever you go, you can hear laughter and singing. Myanmar people sing in their work sites or in the fields or even when they march to the combat area or the battle field, they sing a martial song. Now, Myanmar people sing longing for peace in the Peace Music Festival.
In Myanmar from babies to the King love songs and music. Their singing shows what they feel or what they desire. Babies like to listen to the mother croon, cool and pleasant song lying in the cradle. When children play they sing a respective song for each kind of play or game, such as cook fight, Shweson-nyo, bo-peep and so on. Workers sing a song to release their tiredness. Soldiers sing the martial song in romantic songs. Their singing show what they want to be or their feeling.
Now, Myanmar people are singing in the peace music festival. This shows how their thirst for peace is great. One thing to my amazement is that the vocalist of any ethnic group can sing Myanmar classic or Myanmar folk songs very well. That means their way of life, their ideas and thoughts are the same, though their costumes are different in colours and designs. The love of singing reveals the civilization of people in a country.
In Myanmar, everyone from trishaw man to the president, loves songs and music. In fact, songs and music can help people to escape from the real world to a romantic fiction. Songs and music give the pleasure and peace to everyone of the different social classes. Music comes from the heart, from the head and from the hand. Myanmar is the Land of Music.


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