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June 24, 2018

The importance of spiritual wellbeing

No man is an island, it is often said. A person cannot live in isolation; communities enhance our chances of survival and happiness. Perhaps this is why humans are very often referred to as social beings. But to live in a community, we must exhibit communal behaviour. Only those who are polite, patient and persuasive can maintain amiable and enduring relationship with the people they share their lives with.
Over the course of history, with the dramatic changes in humanity’s beliefs and values, the way people see things, the attributes they adopt toward other people and the way they earn their livelihoods have all changed dramatically. The society we are now living in and the ones we experienced in our childhood are quite different. There are huge gaps between generations in terms of cultural customs, forms of piety, personal values and the principles and practices of earning a livelihood.
When we were young, we envied men of principle—those who kept promises, who were honest and upright, who were free from bribery and corruption, who abided by the laws, rules and regulations. Whenever our teachers asked about our aims in life, we would invariably mention noble professions like teaching, medicine or law enforcement. We never considered joining the notorious, corrupt institutions for which this country’s government has long been associated.
All these surprising changes can be attributed to material developments created by advanced science and technology. People have become less pious, no longer adhering to the tenets of religious faiths, which are abstract, intangible and beyond human intelligence in certain aspects. Therefore, it is not an easy task to convince younger generations that spiritual values are more important than material wellbeing.
This has become an international issue, requiring both the secular authorities and spiritual leaders to exert concerted efforts to promote an awareness of the importance of spiritual wellbeing. Therefore, The Global New Light of Myanmar urges parents, teachers, government authorities and religious leaders to make a collective effort to conduct awareness campaigns to enable people both young and old to assign an appropriate value to spiritual wellbeing.


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