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February 27, 2018

The importance of principles

Principles are moral rules derived from a strong belief that guides an individual’s actions. The strong belief also shapes a person’s vision. Therefore, a person’s actions always reflect his or her principles, belief and vision. In addition, every action of a person is important for the achievement of that person’s vision. Therefore, a person’s principles form the foundation for achievement of a personal vision as they guide the course of actions for individuals.
People, especially those who are in organisations, tend to lay out their visions and plans publicly. Later, their action turns out to be completely opposite to their self-declared visions and commitments. They are considered to be people without principles, or invertebrates, because their actions will never result in achievement of their visions.
Principles are of individuals, whereas policies are of organisations. Policies guide the activities of an organisation as they are a plan of action agreed by all members to achieve a particular vision. Activities of an organisation should always be a reflection of its policies and the vision. Or else it will not achieve its vision. If activities of an organisation are completely contrary to its policies and vision, there is a need to make adjustments between the vision, policies and activities of the organisation. Without such adjustments, vision and policies of the organisation will be just empty words to trick its members.
Moreover, actions of all members of the organisation should also be in line with its vision, policies and activities. Otherwise, the organisation will be in disorder and lose sight of its vision. Principles are of utmost importance for success of individuals, as well as organisations, to achieve a vision.


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