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February 27, 2018

The four historic powers who reinforce a paradigm shift

It is safe to assume that the success of the general election is not a product of a single entity. It is the combined commitment made by four historic powers whose dedication and determination have given rise to a paradigm shift. Icon one is the people of Myanmar from all social and cultural strata. The people displayed their bravery in casting their votes and their discipline by standing in orderly queues at the polling stations. Icon two is President U Thein Sein. Over the past five years he has made bold moves to get the country back on track by implementing democratic reform. Despite slow progress on all fronts, one great achievement is the successful signing of the nationwide ceasefire agreement with eight ethnic armed organisations. Icon three is the Union Election Commission Chairman U Tin Aye. He took the courageous decision to do everything in his capacity to make the general election free and fair. His deeds erased all low expectations. Icon four is the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. There are strains in the relationship between the army and the people. He guaranteed that the army would remain neutral during the elections. It is understandable that doubts arose over the fairness of the elections. Nevertheless, the president, the chairman and the commander-in-chief all repeatedly affirmed their commitment to free and fair elections at every opportunity, pledging their respect for the official results and a smooth transfer of power. These four historic powers have each played significant parts in helping the country stand proudly among the nations of the world. Their commitments have earned them recognition as historic figures in Myanmar.


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