September 24, 2017

The cost of turning enemies into friends

The idea of turning enemies into friends is exciting and plausible. It puts an end to animosity, preserving peace and harmony in society. Therefore, for some people, attempts to eradicate animosity in society means laying the foundation for societal peace and harmony.
As a result, people try to drive out animosity from their hearts and minds and learn to befriend their enemies. However, the root cause of animosity lies outside of individual people. In any community, what pits people against each other is conflicting class interests.
In turning enemies into friends, it is often necessary to make a bargain on class interests. Unfortunately, some interests of certain social classes are non-negotiable, and no one has the means to bargain on them. Therefore, people who try to bargain with the interests of different social classes are often accused of being traitors to their communities, with detractors claiming they betray the interests of their own social class and ally social classes.
Therefore, turning enemies into friends may also lead to turning some friends into enemies. The most important point of all is not to turn the majority of people into one’s foes and not to turn oneself into the enemy of one’s friends.


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