October 20, 2017

The benefits of mutual trust

More than two decades ago, the people used to pick up the remote control either to switch channels or turn off the television when the news came on. In addition, the state-run dailies were not popular among readers. People would buy newspapers just for advertisements and obituary notices, without bothering to read the whole paper.
With the democratically elected civilian government in office, this trend has now been reversed. More and more people have taken some interest in the news, especially the parliamentary news channel, while there has
been a surge of subscribers to the state-run dailies. This signals that there is a certain level of mutual trust between the people and the government.
In this respect, both the members of society and decision makers at all levels must be held accountable for national development. It is absolutely vital that we must all strive to become trustworthy individuals who are willing to further promote this mutual trust. We must be completely sincere enough to be worthy of trust. We must be diligent enough to be worthy of reliability. We must be kind-hearted enough to be worthy of respect and admiration. Only then will we be able to enjoy the fruits of peace, stability and prosperity across the country.


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