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March 02, 2018

Thailand offers lower price of fish than market price

Thai merchants are offering a lower price for fish than the market price these days, local fishermen from Kawthaung town discovered when they went to sell their fish legally at the Thai market.
Myanmar fishermen sell their fish at the Thai market with permission after paying a tax at the Myanmar Fisheries Department. However, Thailand merchants ask for the local fishermen to present documents certifying that their fish are not caught by illegal fishing methods like electrocution and health certificates to ensure that those fish are free from chemical liquids like formalin for preserving the fish. If the local fishermen fail to provide these certificates, Thai merchants will not purchase the fish.
Some merchants purchase the fish only if the local fishermen mention unreasonable reason to them that the aqua products caught in Myanmar water territory are actually caught in Thailand boundary. They are purchasing the fish at a lower price than the market price because of a so-called reason, it is learnt.
The United States and the European Union imposed a sanction on Thailand to curb illegal fishing practices. The locals are not doing well, earning only a small profit even though they go fishing under unfavourable weather conditions.  Efforts are needed to create more international fishery markets in the areas where the fishery business prospers, said U Nyein who is involved in the protection team for fishermen.—Kyaw Soe (Kawthaung)


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