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March 02, 2018

Tatmadaw flies rice to Khaunglanphu in Myintkyina

Tatmadawmen loading sacks of rice onto the aircraft.
Tatmadawmen loading sacks of rice onto the aircraft.

THE Kachin State Government recently donated sacks of rice to local in Khaunglanphu, it is learnt.
People residing in Khaunglanphu, Putao District, Kachin State have been suffering from insufficient supplies of food because of recent heavy
rain which has caused landslides and blocked roads in the region.
Provisions and consumer goods were unable to reach residents of the disaster-hit areas in Khaunglanphu.
As of Friday the Tatmadaw have been providing assistance by way of sending sacks of rice, donated by the Kachin State Government.
The rice is being delivered from Myitkyina to Putao with the use of Tatmadaw aircraft and from Putao to Metgayza village by land via Khaunglanphu.


Office of the Commander in Chief of Denfence Services


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