September 25, 2017

Tatmadaw conducts combined operations in Shan State (North)

The area of conflicts.
The area of conflicts.

THE Ministry of Defense yesterday announced that the Tatmadaw is conducting combined operations in the areas in Namhsam and Kyaukme, towns of Shan State North, where fighting between SSA (Ywet Sit) group and TNLA rebel troops have occurred.
During the period from 25 September last year to 19 February this year, the SSA (Ywet Sit) group clashed with the TNLA rebel troops 20 times, forcing 3,657 people to flee within the period from 10 to 15 February.
Due to the clashes, villages were set on fire, monks were arrested and some villagers were killed.
As the suffering of people has escalated, the commander of North-East Command sent a letter of complaint denouncing the acts of SSA (Ywet Sit) group and asking the group to return to the territory designated for the group to U Sai Aung Mya, vice-chairman (1) of Joint Monitoring Committee-State level and Myanmar Peace Centre on 12 February.
The SSA (Ywet Sit) group replied that it would not return to its own territory and deploy more troops in the area.
The Tatmadaw has since begun conducting combined operations in the areas in accord with Article 20 (e) of Chapter 1 and Article 341 of Chapter 7 of the 2008 Constitution.—Myanmar News Agency


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