September 20, 2017

Suspended timber extraction no harm to furniture businessmen

A woman arranges teak parquet in a factory in Yangon. Photo: Reuters
A woman arranges teak parquet in a factory in Yangon. Photo: Reuters

The freeze in timber extraction has not harmed to furniture businessmen yet because they are not faced with the shortage of raw materials to operate the business, it is learnt from the furniture businessmen.
The reason why there is no problem with the freeze in timber extractive industry is that many hardwoods previously extracted in local are still remained. Therefore, the furniture manufacturers do not need to be concerned about shortage of raw materials.
Although there are criticisms of some businessmen concerning the suspended timber extraction in the forests across the nation, this action was enormously received approval by the locals and those who are engaged in the environmental conservation.
The free will last a year and the timber extraction in the forests will be resumed in 2017-2018 fiscal year, except the Bago mountain ranges. The logging in Bago mountain ranges will be banned for a decade, it is learnt.
The illegal timber production and illegal firewood and timber collection have increased along the mountain ranges in Bago region in the previous years, causing Myanmar to be third-worst country for deforestation in the world. The reason of the freeze in Bago mountain ranges for a decade is to prevent the forest from extinction. The forestry conservation and reforestation will be conducted in those stricken areas in cooperation with the organizations concerned.
About 300,000 tonnes of teaks and 1.5million tonnes of hardwoods are yearly produced over the past five years. However, about 15,000 tonnes of teaks and 35,000 tonnes of hardwoods will be allowed to produce starting from the following fiscal years.
The import of the whole logs were halted starting from March,2014. Currently, only the furniture, the plywood and other finished wood products are allowed to export to the foreign countries.—200


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