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March 02, 2018

Suspects are under investigation, innocent ones start to be released

A doctor taking care of a suspect.
A doctor taking care of a suspect.

In the October 9 violent armed attacks which happened in Maungtaw, Rakhine State, border guard policemen were killed and some injured with arms and ammunitions looted by attackers.
As a result, the combined force of Tatmataw troops-policemen waged area clearance operations and finding out attackers, abettors, those involved and suspects. Now those arrested are being investigated in accord with law.
As of November 2, there were 113 suspects in all who were held for investigation—3 in Sittwe Myoma police station, 5 in Maungtaw Myoma police station, 49 in Ngakhuya and 56 Pyinphyu police station. Out of them, 38 found to be innocent were released—3 from Maungtaw Myoma police station, 15 from Ngakhuya and 20 from Pyinphyu. And, one from Pyinphyu kept as suspect was released on bail.
74 suspects held on remand are now under investigation—3 in Sittwe, 2 in Maungtaw, 34 in Ngakhuya and 35 in Pyinphyu. During investigation, there was no torture, and all were recorded on video files, it is learnt.
If those investigated need medical treatment, doctors and health staff are giving timely medical care.


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