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June 23, 2018

Surge in private tuition reveals system’s shortcomings

IT is important to make clear from the outset that changes in education will be impossible without the active participation of teachers. Favourable conditions for professional enhancement will induce teachers to play their part in transforming the education system. It is therefore necessary to foster their involvement in changes that can promise quality and equity of education and meet student learning needs.
With private tuition becoming a fashion from kindergarten to advanced learning, most parents have to be thrifty so as to pay tuition fees for their children. Inevitably, it is a discouraging sign because students start to feel that they won’t be able to pass exams unless they receive private tuition.
Careful consideration will reveal that a surge in demand for private tuition corrupts teachers and students alike. Three or four decades ago, private tuition was regarded as necessary only for students who fell behind in class. In other words, schools could provide sound education to cope with life after graduation.
If schools could continue to do so, parents would not need to spend extra on the education, and children would not need to lose their playtime.
It is undoubtedly imperative that teachers should regard student learning, rather than economic assets, as their central focus. In education, the quality of teacher performance is of paramount importance. This includes mastery of subject matter and possession of excellent pedagogic skills.


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