June 29, 2017

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Sunken Vietnamese cargo vessel to be saved

MPA has erected navigation marks.
MPA has erected navigation marks.

THE Myanma Port Authority (MPA) is planning to save a Vietnamese cargo vessel, the MV Dong Then Phu Silver, which sank into the Yangon River.
“We are coordinating with organisations to fix the shortage as quickly as possible, as it may cause a danger to other ships. The shipping company is in discussion with the insurance company on the saving of the sunken ship,” said U Aung Kyaw Htoo, chief of the Maritime Department at the MPA.
The discussion focuses on hiring equipment from other countries as Myanmar does not have enough to save the ship. The Department of Marine Administration has urged the shipping company to save it and carry out necessary inspections.
For the safety of ships and vessels, the MPA has issued a warming and erected navigation marks near the place where the ship sank. The Vietnamese ship, which carried cement, sank into the Yangon River after breaking anchor and colliding with an oil tanker, the MT Ocean Osprey, on January 25.


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