September 20, 2017

Success entails effective teamwork

In this modern industrial world, a good government is the name of the game in keeping the country one step ahead of others in terms of development. Successful governments are found to be organisations that always prioritise their people’s requirements and strive to satisfy their expectations.
It is natural that organisations can fail for many reasons. Failure is an unavoidable cause, so we should not
let fear for failure deter us from getting back on our
feet again. The best way to avoid future failures is to learn from past failures,
find causes of failures and draw lessons for repair and reform.
In this respect, research and development is of the essence for any government or organisation to survive. Research and development cannot be undertaken on an individual basis. It requires teamwork. There is every reason to believe that success is something that can be achieved through effective teamwork. In this process, effective teamworking and problem-solving skills require training. It is absolutely vital for leaders of every organisation at all levels to dedicate undivided attention to building the capacity of their respective teams in order to achieve their objectives.
It is important to conduct a capacity building programme that marries the needs and aspirations of team members with those of the organisation. A general consensus on successful governments and organisations is to invest in human resources. Judging from the hypothesis that there is no such thing as something for nothing, doing more with less can amount to doing everything with nothing.


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