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March 02, 2018

SSA-Wamhaing attacks Tatmadaw posts near Mongnawng in Shan State

KKKKKABOUT 200 members of the SSA-Wamhaing ethnic armed group attacked a post of Tatmadaw several times in Wing Kau village near Mongnawng in Kehsi Township, Shan State, on 29 and 30 October.
The SSA ultimately retreated as officers, infantrymen and their wives defended the post.
During the attacks, Tatmadaw suffered causalities, and some of the post’s facilities were damaged.
The group also attacked the post on 16, 18 and 26 October, and they attacked another post in Mongsang village on 24 and 28 October.
As the group has expanded its control beyond the limits it previously agreed upon with the Myanmar government and attacked Tatmadaw posts several times, Tatmadaw troops have had to comb the area to ensure the security and stability of the area.


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