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February 27, 2018

Some kinds of demonstrations will never result in placebo effect!

“Democracy”, “Human Rights”, “Freedom of Expression”, “Demonstration”, “Bribery & Corruption” etc., are being heard almost every day, not only in Myanmar but also across the world. Who can deny it if we claim these words broaden our knowledge bank, widen our mouths? Not long ago, these words would not have even slipped out of our tongues. Now the iron door has opened up and we have had freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The words regarded to be dangerous ones in the previous decade became sweet words and powerful weapons at the present time. Words and weapons beginning with “W” can be used in both good and evil ways. Sweet words can make listeners change their minds with impolite or rude words leading us to destruction. Likewise, weapons can be used to hinder activities of destructive elements with all things likely to be destroyed by weapons, on the other hand.
Some say that many people in fact do not know the meaning of democracy. Others say that Myanmar people do not deserve democracy. I do not accept these. Especially, Buddha’s Teachings, moral lessons passed on to us by our ancestors through bed-time stories, social ethics taught in primary schools guide us to move on a right path. In our minds, sense of duty and love of truth have been conceived. But during the past five decades, situations pushed them to moral derivation, making them selfish.
The incumbent government was left with a legacy of problems—unemployment, poverty, skyrocketing commodity prices, bribery & corruption, increasing problems of traffic jam with urbanization and so on. Knowing that the people’s government elected by the people themselves is solving and trying to find ways of solving these problems, why do they want to point their fingers at the government? No government has miraculous powers of healing these problems in a short period of time. Despite the fact that we acknowledge we have never had such a good government as the present one, why have we prioritized our desires without glancing at the benefits of the majority? As known by all, sellers on streets and container drivers are mostly violating rules and prescribed laws. They know themselves that their deeds cause traffic jam and many casualties in accidents. Though they have been offered particular places and times to perform their daily routines, they did not accept it. At new designated places, sellers may find it difficult to attract customers in the beginning. Customers and buyers will come to them later for sure. Container drivers also seemingly want to occupy public roads, using days and nights and driving at high speed exceeding the speed limit.
If every individual wanted to avoid performing night duties, there will be no doctors and nurses in hospitals at nights. Newspapers will not come out. Meat and vegetables cannot be bought early in the morning so that we can leave in time for our work. We cannot live and sleep in a place without soldiers and police performing their duties at nights. For the government to achieve their goals in bringing national benefits, we are all responsible to take an active part. A panacea for solving all the problems the country is experiencing, is in our hands. It is none other than for us to live in peace and unity under the leadership of our elected government. Freedom of expression is our inborn right, but we must be well convinced that some kinds of demonstrations that are completely done for selfish reasons will never result in Placebo Effect.


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