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June 23, 2018

Society and the law

Every society in the world is founded on the idea of the law. These laws help to regulate society and bring about harmonisation and prosperity. As long as the laws of society are fair and just and benefit the population it is not often necessary to amend the law over time. Therefore it is most important that the law of the land is based on common decency and a shared sense of justice.
When a law is no longer considered to be based on the idea of justice or reason people try to amend it. For example, a fine imposed by a particular law for an offence might have been fair 50 years ago but the amount of money for the fine is no longer reflects the harshness of the infraction. It has become too little. Thus, offenders happily pay small fines rather than abide by the law or learn from the experience. Justice cannot be done under those circumstances and the law has become obsolete.
At such a time people must amend the law to prevent such offences taking place. However, when there are too many laws that are not based on the idea of justice people are forced to demolish the entire institution of law instead of amending laws individually. This is called systemic rot, inertia. It is an unhealthy and, in the worst cases, dangerous state of affairs. When the entire system of law is demolished and needs to be rebuilt, society suffers. Therefore, it is vital that all laws in a society are not only just and fair but fluid and forward looking.


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