October 20, 2017

Small quake shakes Sagaing

A map shows location where 4.7 Richter scale earthquake occurred.
A map shows location where 4.7 Richter scale earthquake occurred.

A 4.7 Richter scale earthquake occurred 80km northwest of Monywa at 7:33pm, the quake occured alongside the Chindwin river in Sagaing Region according to the United States Geological Survey.
Dr Myo Thant of the Myanmar Earthquake Society said that there have been no reported damages from the local area.
“Due to the depth of the earthquake at around 90km or so it is highly unlikely that there would be any damages from the earthquake,” Dr Myo Thant told The Global New Light of Myanmar.
On 13 April a 6.9 RS earthquake struck Myanmar 135km northwest of Mandalay in an isolated area at around a depth of 135km, there were no reports of damages from the quake. Yet the tremor was felt in India and Bangladesh.
The Sagaing faultline that enters Myanmar in the Gulf of Mottama runs through the centre of the country past the capital of Naypyitaw and near Mandalay before exiting into the Himalayas.
Experts have warned that the faultline is currently active and that Myanmar should prepare for a large earthquake in the future. A quake in Shan State in 2011 registered 6.9 RS at a depth of 10km, 151 were reportedly killed and 212 injured in Myanmar and Thailand.


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