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February 27, 2018

Shrimp breeders suffering from infertility

Shrimps are seen in a basket at a farm near Yangon.
Shrimps are seen in a basket at a farm near Yangon.

FRESHWATER and saltwater shrimp businesses are faced with losses this year because of infertile shrimp, according to the Myanmar Shrimp Association.
“Shrimp farming businesses ranging from breeding stations to saltwater shrimp breeding farms are not thriving this year. A species called Vannamei is being imported from abroad to bolster numbers. The breeding business is currently dependent on the species. If the imported species is a pedigree the shrimp farming sector might begin to thrive”, said Daw Toe Nanda Tin, vice chairman of the Myanmar Importers’ Association.
There are not many local companies breeding Vannamei shrimp. Shrimp farming businesses are faced with losses because of inadequate breeding, according to shrimp businessmen.
“The government needs to intervene in shrimp breeding. We cannot extend our businesses without government subsidy. The freshwater prawn needs to be a priority”, said U Tun Aye, the chairman of the Myanmar Importer’s Association.
Previously, the shrimp farming industry was so flourishing that shrimp could not be purchased from local factories in 2013. Only imported shrimp were being sold on the domestic shrimp market.
The legal import of shrimp to fill the gap is of vital importance in fulfilling the needs of local demand to ensure the health of the industry, said Daw Toe Nanda Tin.


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