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February 26, 2018

Shinhan Bank sponsors Korean medical team to provide free operation for Myanmar children

Seoul national medical team and Shinhan Bank’s volunteers posing for a documentary photo.
Seoul national medical team and Shinhan Bank’s volunteers posing for a documentary photo.

Shinhan Bank sponsored a medical team from the Seoul National University Hospital of the Republic of Korea to provide surgeries for cleft lip and palate as well as ultrasonic cardiography for Myanmar children at Yangon Children’s Hospital and Yankin New Children Hospital from November 22th to 26th.
The medical team comprises 18 doctors and nurses from the teaching hospital in Seoul and six volunteers who work in Shinhan Bank. During the medical CSR activity, 31 children received free medical treatment, which included 8 cleft lip and palate surgeries, 8 general surgeries, and 15 scans of ultrasonic cardiography.
This is the second time free medical operations are provided by Seoul National University Hospital team and Shinhan Bank this year. In February the same team provided free operation for 18 children. In addition, through the series of CSR activities in Myanmar, Shinhan Bank donated US$100,000 to a NGO for a microfinance scheme for villages in Hlegu Township, Yangon Region in 2013. Likewise, the Bank also made provision of track suits and bags for Myanmar national athletes participating 2014 Incheon Asian Games and donation for constructing new school facilities and furniture to two primary schools in Hlegu Township in 2015. Moreover, the Bank provided scholarships for 180 outstanding students from Yangon and Mandalay Universities of Foreign Languages for two academic years 2014-2016.
Shinhan Bank is the first Korean bank to operate in Myanmar opening on 20th September 2016, providing corporate banking service to the foreign investors promoting investment into Myanmar.


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