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February 27, 2018

Shame/Guilt-Culture Are Found To Decrease In Our Society

In this frenetic age, most people are hurriedly going to and fro, as if they have no enough hours to do their daily routines. Office-men are commuting to their work by train, bus or taxi. On streets there can be pedestrians, hawkers, students and those killing time, found moving about. With the increasing amount of vehicles, people face with problems—especially traffic jam. It is not the new one that has arisen just in the time of the incumbent regime. This depicts that urban populace and difficulty of urbanization are closely related.
So as to solve the issue, it is responsible not only for the government but also for each and every one of us. Why? The government takes the responsibility to create a better traffic system and communication network. And responsible personnel are to make vehicle-drivers to abide by the traffic rules and to take actions against violators under the supervision of traffic control guards. Traffic control policemen serving in the Yangon metropolitan area may be small in number. Here I would like to express about a praiseworthy person. In spite of being an ordinary policeman, many people across the nation have ever heard his name. A man cannot put on a wrong/pretentious face for long. He is not performing his duty to impress people. He won the admiration of the people for his honesty, love of duty and voidance of corruption, being deservedly acknowledged by the State. His deeds teach us not to do our job perfunctorily. There may be a lot of such persons in our country, but we need more and more. If possible, we should attempt our precious youths to emulate his deeds, spirit and love of duty, so that our country will abound with pure-minded and righteous younger ones in future.
As for human nature, many are never reluctant to be selfish. In our society there are many self-centered persons. For example, car drivers and conductors, especially those from bus lines tend to monopolize the whole road. They are in the habit of cutting in on other’s routes, not paying attention to the risk of loss of lives of passengers on board. And they are ready to quarrel with their fellow drivers. They seem to neglect to be arrested for violation of rules and laws. Sometimes altercations change into murder cases. What is attributed to such incidents? A key point can be said to be lack of discipline or failure to obey the law or self-centeredness. I want to name it differently—lack of shame/guilt culture.
Shame culture can be found among Japanese—from Samurai era to today. That practice can be found to exist during these days. Wonderfully enough, most of Japanese abide by law everywhere and every time. We can see them waiting for change of green light even though there is no cars passing on the road. They seem ashamed to be regarded as discipline violators by a passer-by. And, in developed countries most are like these, hence their countries stand at the top of the totem pole in every field. In our Myanmar term, there is a combined Pali word Hiriottappa ဟီရိၾသတၱပၸ shame and fear of sinning. Our forefathers admonish us to develop a practice of shame and fear of sinning since childhood. Instead, saying abusive words, violating prescribed rules and laws, living in indecent ways, giving & taking bribes for their own sake and developing opportunism cannot be regarded to be a shame or disgrace any longer. Who blacken our minds? No one else, it is ourselves. So, let us change our blackened mindsets into white by rebuilding shame and guilt cultures in us, for the betterment of our future generations.


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