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October 19, 2018

Shame to do evil

By Htun Tin Htun

“Better it is to live one day wise and meditative than to live a hundred years foolish and uncontrolled”
“Shame to do evil (hiri)” and “Fear to do evil (ottapa)” are the principles guarding the mankind and these are the guardian of the Planet (Lokapala Dhamma). Stop killing (abstaining from killing). Stop stealing (abstaining from taking what is not given). Stop raping (abstaining from sexual misconduct). Stop lying (abstaining from telling lies), Stop intoxicating (abstaining from liquors, drugs which cause heedlessness). Harming, despising, making violence/ invasion/ encroachment, bullying, destroying, damaging among others to the living beings in this planet need to be eradicated. All tremble at violence; all fear death, life is dear to all; putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill. Man matters most and mindset is of great importance for peaceful, harmonious, just, secured, developed, sustainable and prosperous nation so that man-made disasters, enmity and aversion must be totally alleviated through the good education and training programs in order to enhance the good knowledge, skills and attitude which can equip the people with good behavior and habit for doing good and avoiding all evil. Equity (pro-poor), empowerment (pro-woman), employment (pro-job) and environment (pro-nature) needs to be deeply considered in order to avoid all man-made evil and to survive, develop and improve all human/living beings in our universe.
To avoid all evil, to cultivate good and to cleanse one’s mind is the cardinal teachings of all Buddhas and this is the fundamental foundation for all matters such as building confidence, restoration of peace, national reconciliation, conflict resolution, territorial integrity, peaceful co-existence, safeguarding the national sovereignty and national identity and interest. One world is what we all want to build and we try our best to achieve the sustainable development goals in which all round development and peace and security agendas are included.
“Delight in heedfulness! Guard well your thoughts, speeches and actions! Draw ourselves out of this bog of evil even as an elephant draws himself out of the mud.” Drop by drop is the water pot filled; likewise the fool gathering it little by little, moment by moment, one by one fills himself with evil. Do not associate with evil companions; do not seek the fellowship of the vile; associate with good friends; seek the fellowship of noble men. One will always be happy by not encountering fools.
One should give up anger, renounce pride and overcome all fetters. Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the misers by generosity; overcome the liar by truth. One who while himself seeking happiness oppresses with violence other beings who also desire happiness, will not attain happiness hereafter. One who while himself happiness, does not oppress with violence other beings who also desire happiness, will find happiness hereafter.
Enlightenment factor of investigative knowledge, enlightenment factor of effort, enlightenment factor of delightful satisfaction, enlightenment factor of mindfulness, enlightenment factor of tranquility, enlightenment factor of concentration and enlightenment factor of equanimity are the seven enlightenment factors or conditions for the attainment of Path Knowledge to cleanse one’s mind. Victory begets enmity; the defeated dwell in pain; happily the peaceful live, discarding both victory and defeat. It may be well with the evil-doer as long as the evil ripens not; but when it does ripen, then the evil-doer sees (the painful results of) his evil thoughts, speeches and deeds. It may be ill with the doer of good as long as the good ripens not; but when it does ripen, then the doer of good sees (the pleasant results of) his good thoughts, speeches and deeds. Let a man guard himself against irritability in thought, speech and action, let him be controlled in mind, mouth (speech)(including writing and manner) and body; abandoning mental, verbal, bodily misconduct, let him practice good conduct in thought, speech and action (deed). Lead a righteous life; lead not a base life; the righteous live happily in this world and the next.
May you all be free from all dangers and sufferings!!! May you all be healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous!!! May you all be free from man-made disasters!!! May you all be free from religious extremism and terrorism!!! May the love, peace, justice and joy be with you!!!


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