July 02, 2017

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By Shin Ku Ku
We are making the continuous learning by holding on to a proverb of “It is never too old to learn”. When we are over four years old, we started learning to attend the school. We learned in the primary, basic education and university levels studying lectures by heart. As a result, the dynasty of Myanmar kingdoms that we have already learnt is until studied when we are at work. To answer the question that did we acquire all the knowledge from our learning particularly hesitates.
The reason is that we could not freely contemplate our thoughts or ideas. At the age of over twenty five, we have a chance to attend the Diploma or Master courses just as the international courses. Whilst the exam is open book system, all of us are very agreeable. Nevertheless, we face a lot of problems in reality. The teachers give the text books. We study by ourselves and make a discussion in the class. Sometimes, we are on the right way, sometimes not but the teachers make clear our point of views.
Because of this we read a lot of books to be comprehensive and also link the study with the concept. On the other hand, it is committed to our memory. After the course, we must apply them effectively and efficiently in the relative atmosphere.
One of my beloved teachers said that the certificate is not very important as it is just a paper. The crucial thing is to get the skills that are equally our investments such as time, money, energy and so on. Therefore, I wish all the students learn in a right way and also acquire not only knowledge but also skills.


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