September 23, 2017

Security, Rule of Law and Peace and Stability Carried Out in Maungtaw District

Min Thit (MNA)

A police sentry patrols the streets of Maungtaw at night.  Photo: Ye Htut

According to the Maungtaw District Police Office, security forces in Buthidaung, Maungtaw and Taungpyo-Letwe towns are specifically making operations by types of sentry, patrol and post for security, rule of law, reduction of crimes and peace and stability in Maungtaw District.
Police Lt-Col Nyan Win Oo said, “Security duties are being carried around the clock, in 12 places in Maungtaw, 7 places in Buthidaung and in Taungpyo by patrol teams.
In Buthidaung, Maungtaw and Taungpyo Letwe under the control of Maungtaw district police force , seizure of drugs occured commonly.
As regards the outbreaks of crimes in the area under the control of the police force, Police Lt-Col Nyan Win Oo said that the area controlled by police forces is the town area, so it can be said to be very narrow. Out of crimes, cases of drug seizure had been involved mostly, compared to others.  Maungtaw district police force is controlling 5 wards in Maungtaw, 7 wards in Buthidaung and 7 wards in Taungpyo Letwe for security and rule of law in the area.
Police Lt-Col said, “Police force alone cannot perform the task of security and rule of law. Only if the people join with the police forces, can success be achieved to the full. So, I humbly request our people to join us.”
It has been learnt that Maungtaw police forces are carrying out educative talks in townships.


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