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February 28, 2018

Saw Mutu Sae Poe, Chairman of KNU, extends greetings at the first anniversary of signing NCA

KNU Chairman Saw Mutu Sae Poe.
KNU Chairman Saw Mutu Sae Poe.

Following is the excerpts of the address of Saw Mutu Sae Poe

The NCA is essential for the correct path to maintain all-round stability in Myanmar, which is important to regional stability geopolitically. We are proud and glad to be able to participate with EAOs to restore genuine peace and to find a political solution to the conflicts based on the NCA. It is necessary for all of us to envision a democratic federal union. The NCA and the peace process also serve as an important pillar for international support and lifting of sanctions we are now enjoying. Although the international community is supporting us, everything depends on the NCA, including how much effort we can exert to bring about positive development, how serious we are on national reconciliation and which tasks and mechanisms we will develop.
It is necessary to avoid the use of force in our attempts to adopt and exercise the new political culture of the NCA and in finding political solutions through political means. I would like to call for all to develop precise reform policies to enable us to escape from the influence of the past experiences and lessons. For instance, it is necessary to stop the ongoing armed conflicts in northern Myanmar. Will the inclusive reform path be clear only when the public is allowed to take part in the genuine reform. Only then, can success be achieved.
It is necessary for various levels of all signatories to the NCA to understand and accept
the essence of the agreement such as equality, cooperation and negotiation and to implement the agreement without derailing from the essences at any situation.
Although incidents are understandable, intentional attacks are not acceptable. Leaders from both sides are responsible to reach an agreement on interpretation of the NCA. I would like to call for all to continue to negotiate with all seriousness some parts of the NCA that have yet to be implemented for various reasons.
Though, Myanmar is enjoying the diplomatic support and international recognition for commencing political dialogues within the one year’s period of the NCA and holding the Union Peace Conference — 21st Century Panglong, it should also be remembered that there are still weaknesses in implementing the NCA.
Although efforts are being made to hold political dialogues to rebuild the nation in accordance with the provision of the NCA , I would like to call for continued strengthening of dialogue space among NCA signatories. In spite of the fact that joint committees are dialogue spaces for leaders of both sides, I would like to point out that it is important to hold meaningful political discussions.
Although dialogues spaces exist to some extent at the union level, there are weaknesses to create dialogue spaces for region and state levels. Therefore, it is necessary to move from what seems to be elite peace process to inclusive peace process.
National reconciliation is of upmost importance for the success of the peace process. Therefore, on behalf of NCA signatories, I would like to call for the government and the Tatmadaw with all seriousness to ease policies and suspend the use of force in order to pave way for non-signatories to sign the NCA.
It is also necessary for both sides to negotiate and make bargains in political dialogues to build
enduring peace desired by the people through the process of respect, recognition and joint implementation of the NCA among the government, the Tatmadaw and ethnic armed groups.
In conclusion, I would like to reiterate at the first anniversary of the NCA to pursue the political solution through political means without resorting to the use of force and call on all to build together a new, stable, harmonious and peaceful democratic federal union that will enable Myanmar to enjoy its previous prestige not only in Asia but also in the world.( An unofficial translation)


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