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March 02, 2018

Safety first

It is absolutely unfair for workers to be subject to legal action at the outbreak of labour disputes while employers make good their escape.
This sentiment has become the talk of the community following widespread dissatisfaction with the refusal by the parliament to inflict punishments on employers who fail to obey the tribunal’s decisions. The government proposed the inclusion of that penalty in the labour bill without success. It is, however, expected that the matter will be brought before the new parliament.
In every sense, the government has a primary role to play in ensuring the rising socioeconomic status of its people by convincing itself that human security is fundamental to national security. The Human Development Report published in 1994 has listed seven essential dimensions of human security – economic, personal, environmental, political, health, food and community.
In a broader sense, human security is concerned with ‘freedom from fear’ and ‘freedom from want’. In other words, this initiative is to enable people from different social strata to live in dignity. Human security should, therefore, serve as a dynamic and practical policy framework for workers to be able to enjoy all their rights to develop their human potential. All things considered, ‘safety first’ is the name of the game in ensuring the concept of human development through human security.


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