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June 19, 2019

Safeguarding & preserving independence

  • Independence Day is upon us again. It has been 71 years since the Republic of the Union of Myanmar achieved independence. At present, ethnic nationals living in the Union of Myanmar are enjoying democratic opportunities and freedom, which are the products of independence.
    The freedom we enjoy living and working in the country is thanks, in part, to the democratic system implemented in the country and due to our nation being a sovereign state. We were able to set up a democratic system because we succeeded in achieving the fruits of independence. But we must not cease our vigilance. We must take lessons from our history, assess the country’s geopolitics, and contemplate on issues and events at the international level. This way, we can preserve our independence and sovereignty.
    Compared with regional neighbors, Myanmar has reached a different situation on her own capabilities, and so, we must be more trusting, respecting, and united as a nation. During the struggle for independence, our national leaders asked us to create our own destiny. The citizens of modern Myanmar can be seen charting their own destiny for the good of the country.
    Myanmar is geographically located between two powerful countries and plays a crucial role as a bridge between Southeast Asian and South Asian countries. Myanmar is also unique in terms of religion, culture, and traditions from other countries. And yet, we were able to win our independence without forfeiting our unity. We were able to establish a nation based on the unity of our brothers and sisters from over a hundred ethnicities.
    We gave precedence to unity in our struggle for independence. But once we attained independence, differing beliefs and ideologies led the way to civil unrest, the effects of which can still be felt today. Every citizen of the country must know and understand our history —from the time before we gained independence, when we struggled for it and achieved it, to the present situation in the country and its standing in the international community. We must make sure we do not lose sight of the objectives of an independent nation.
    We must study the positive and negative aspects of our history and work towards a better future by treading on the right path. We must cast away our mistrust and suspicions and work together to ensure the path our country takes going forward is a good one. This is how we can safeguard and preserve our independence and sovereignty.
    We all are well-versed with the history behind our Independence Day, and we need to contemplate on past events and incorporate the results of our reflections into our conduct in the modern age. By doing so, we would be able safeguard our independence and sovereignty successfully for generations to come.


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