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June 08, 2018

Rule of Law

The rule of law is given in Collins Students Dictionary simply as “The principle that everyone is subject to law”. And in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as “The legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by arbitrary decisions of individual government officials”.
With the passage of time and right up to now, politicians and governments having reviewing certain aspects from human being, animals and non-living things and making necessary changes and improvements to the previous not satisfactory existing law and finally come up with one as said to have been made refined and justified as fair as
possible to all.
However, later on, facing with the lacking of rule of law in practical matters, thereby people still find bad democratic and dictatorship governments in existence in the world, just because of negligence or ignorance of the law and insufficient corrective mechanism to accomplish successful result.
To show a few instances in Yangon downtown area regarding the rule of law, there is still inadequate legal action to have effects on the many sidewalk sellers of goods and tea and coffee shops, who have taken their own initiative by setting up shops of various goods and shops selling tea and coffee on the newly constructed sidewalks which are originally intended for passers-by on the road. Now the passers-by have to squeeze through the crowded customers. If care is not taken carefully, the passers-by, will probably be pushed down the 1.5 feet high sidewalks and hurting them instantly.
There are some coffee and tea shops becoming more daring as if they, having the legal right to occupy and do business on the newly widen roads in front of their shops, which the government has constructed and remodeled for the purpose to ease the crippling traffic congestion and also for providing space for the night stop and temporary stop of vehicles.
There is still another unwholesome sight that was left behind by the wrap up of the finishing tasks of sidewalks and broaden roads construction, whereby the original trees, big and small on the road were not cut down right away, leaving them just as they were before, distinctively standing high and mighty on the roads for drivers of vehicles to shunning away from danger now and then. (Why can’t the departments’ concerned taking responsibility to cut down the big ones and dig up the small ones and replant them in other suitable places).
Nowadays, we have people talking about no departmental following up for the action on rule of law frequently, but in everywhere we have seen things that should be resolved by the departments concerned and with their standing order, rules and regulations would be good enough to settle all the matters amicably. Thus prompted many people often in saying our government should follow suit like Singapore doing things in according to law. We should keep in mind that “nobody is above the Law”, rule of law implies the every citizen is subject to law, including the law maker themselves. It is for the media personnel to educate the general public to adhere to the rules and regulations, directives and announcements from the different ministries of the Government. In this way, we may hope one day to achieve the prestigious name of an efficient and good


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