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February 26, 2018

Roaring trade of dragon fruits in Kalay

Dragon Fruit.
Dragon Fruit.

An inaugural trial of cultivating dragon fruits along the side of the Kalay – Kantkaw highway, located in Sagaing Region’s Kalay Township, has proved successful, with the purple fruit being snapped up by both local residents and passing travelers, Myitmakha News Agency has been informed.
“We’re receiving buyers from the surrounding villages as well as those passing by along the main road. We’re currently making between K300,000 – 500,000 a day from selling [the dragon fruit],” said Daw Mot Mot Hlaing, manager of the dragon fruit orchard.
Standing at 430 feet above sea level, dragon fruits were first planted on a five-acre space in the orchard back in 2008 but it’s only been this year, with a better quality crops being grown and improvements to road infrastructure, that the orchard has seen a roaring trade, according to local growers.
“The dragon fruits from our region have a more distinct flavour. People eat the fruits as it’s said to possess beneficial qualities for those suffering from diabetes and heart related diseases,” said Daw Cherry, a resident of Kalay town.A kilogram of dragon fruits is currently being sold for K1,500 in the orchard.
The red and white Cactaceae variety of dragon fruits are planted annually in April, reportedly taking six-months to grow before they are ripe for picking.


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