September 24, 2017

Revolutionaries, politicians and statesmen

Myint Win Thein

People who are involved in politics, knowingly or unknowingly, are often classified as politicians and statesmen. This means that people who are classified as politicians work only for a political party, whether it is supported by the majority of people or not, while those who are classified as statesmen work for the entire country or society or in the national interests. It is the same notion as the classification of politics into national politics and party politics, which really does not exist.
The classification does not cover all people involved in politics and even tries to hide some people who play an important role in political changes – revolutionaries. Revolutionaries are people who sacrifice their lives for change whether they are recognised or not. However, since they have sacrificed their lives for the people many of them cannot be identified accurately.
Those who are identified as politicians or statesmen are just people who reap the fruit of the work that has been done by revolutionaries whether analysts recognise them or not.
Politicians or statesmen can enjoy the support of the entire populace only when society is undergoing a revolution. Most politicians then work only for some groups of people and are subject to opposition of other deprived groups.
All of us should recognize the unknown revolutionaries for the changes seen when dealing with politicians and statesmen.


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